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  1remote™ for Kaleidescape™   out now

1remote for Kaleidescape is an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad application that allows for full remote control of your Kaleidescape System. 1remote for Kaleidescape is the best way to enjoy the full potential of your system providing easy access to all your movie and music metadata whether you are at home or on the go.

  • Easy gesture controls for navigating, selecting, playing, changing chapters / tracks, activating menus etc.
  • Browse your entire Kaleidescape movie and music library at home or on the go.
  • Select a movie or album and view the metadata from Kaleidescape movie and music guide services directly on the remote.
  • Select and play movies and music without the need of another Kaleidescape remote.
  • Support for optional 3rd party (e.g. AMX™, Crestron™) controller integration which allows you to control the volume, turning zones (e.g. TVs, A/V switching) on/off etc.
  • View and control what’s currently selected or playing on the Now Playing screen using either familiar buttons or gestures for next/previous chapter/track, fast forward, reverse, stop, pause, or play.
  • View your movies (by title, lead actor, new or favorite movies) or music (by title, artist, new or favorite albums) in list format or the familiar Kaleidescape cover art view in landscape mode.
  • Use pinch gestures in landscape cover art mode to change the number of cover arts, from 3 to 15, that are displayed per row.
  • Download only once and use it universally on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch i.e. you don't have to download and pay for a separate iPad version.

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